Finding the Fountain of Youth… Fortitech, Inc. Targets Baby Boomers at the IFT Food Expo 2006

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Orlando, FL (PRWEB) June 25, 2006 –

Baby boomers account for more than 70 million Americans and trend articles show that they are living active lifestyles and are looking for fun and appealing ways to eat healthier and stay fit. Boomers are said to have a sweet tooth and some contend that they are bored with the seemingly endless recommendations of eating loads of fruits and vegetables to keep healthy.

At the IFT Food Expo this year, Fortitech offered a diverse array of functional food sample alternatives that met the baby boomers growing desire toward improving their health, but in a much more fun and appetizing way.

Fortitech had several different kinds of fortified chocolate available for sampling. The first example was a delicious, smooth and well-rounded chocolate, blended with more than 15 essential vitamins and minerals. The functional profile of this chocolate included the B vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, zinc and iron, to name a few.

Also available for sampling were three types of chocolate clusters each addressing specific and important health-related issues: brain health, heart health and bone heath. Brain-healthy chocolate clusters are packed with 16 different nutrients including a complete antioxidant profile, calcium and iron for improved cognitive function.

The American Heart Association reports that baby boomers make up a large part of the population suffering from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and high blood pressure. The heart-healthy chocolate clusters are a solid option. This treat supports good cardiovascular health and wellness by providing lycopene, coenzyme Q10, vitamins B12 and B6, vitamin C and folic acid.

Fortitechs bone-healthy chocolate cluster premix is formulated to strengthen bones and potentially help slow the progress of osteoporosis. This chocolate sample is packed with calcium, vitamin D and magnesium all crucial nutrients to ensuring bone-health.

Our other healthy option for active baby boomers was a low-carb, high protein white chocolate chip energy bar with vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, B6 and B12. This bar is also a good source of biotin, zinc, iron, copper, folic acid and niacin. Performance oriented, this application is made from all-natural ingredients and is specifically formulated to deliver sustained energy for achieving peak performance.

A unique treat with a healthy profile was a fortified ice beverage (slush). Pi

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